Modern households need the latest electrical systems to be able to cope with the demands of modern-day life. We specialise in all aspects of modern electrics including electric vehicle charging points, smart home controls and electric heating. Whatever your home needs, we will use our expertise to assess and install the new system in the safest and most effective way. Our dedicated team of technicians have a vast amount of experience in electrical installations and we set very high quality and safety standards for all of our work. We can undertake bespoke electrical installation services which are designed to suit your requirements.

Our home automation systems will allow your electrical technology to be controlled remotely using a dedicated app. These systems also give you greater control over your home so you can get your devices and equipment to work as you want them to. From app-controlled lighting through to web-enabled doorbells and security cameras, we offer a whole range of automation solutions designed for contemporary properties.

The electric charging points that we install are designed to work with all kinds of cars and vans that run on electricity. We install the most efficient and easy to use technology to make charging your car quick, efficient and simple.

Heating controls can be easily installed into your home and we are specialists in electric heating systems to make your home warm and comfortable throughout the year.

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