Make sure that your home electrics are safe with testing and certification from MJH Electrical. A periodic inspection, an EICR test or Electrical Inspection Condition Report is an in-depth inspection of your home’s electrics. While homeowners aren’t required by law to have an electrical inspection, it is often required as part of buying or selling a house or if you’re a landlord with a rental property. It is also good practice for homeowners to check the safety of your electrics every now and again.

Like everything, your electrics are prone to wear and tear with everyday use and the increasing demands that modern-day living places on our electrical systems. Electrical tests should be carried out on a regular basis. It is recommended that homeowners should have their electrics tested every ten years. For landlords, it is every five years or when there is a change of tenancy, whichever is sooner.

Our electrical tests will conduct a thorough inspection of your electrical system, identifying any faults that would otherwise go undetected with a visual check. Many faults can occur such as circuits overheating or becoming overloaded during routine use. Periodic testing will be able to identify and address any issues or defective electrical work in your property. A qualified and highly skilled electrician will undertake the checks which will include broken sockets and switches, damaged cables and scorch marks as well as overloaded sockets. Once the inspection is complete, we will issue you with a certificate that you should keep for future reference. We will also issue recommendations for any remedial work or anything that needs urgent attention.

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