Smart Home technology has completely transformed homes across the country. These systems have made things such as turning on the lights or heating much easier and changed how we consume media or access the latest weather forecast. Just a few years ago, the concept of controlling our heating and lighting through our phones or voice was unthinkable, but with the advances in technology, it is now possible.

Our business is proud installers of smart home controls and systems to make your homework for you. The types of systems that you can install will depend on your specific requirements, and they are not limited to:

Thermostats – Easily control the temperature of your home with a sophisticated visual display, schedules that fit around your busy work and home life and notifications on how you can make energy savings. All of these can be controlled from a web-based app accessed on your phone or tablet.

Detection Alarms – Install the latest smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure the early detection of fire and smoke.

Doorbell – Make your home more secure with a smart doorbell featuring a high-definition camera and wide viewing field allowing you to see who is at your front door.

Indoor and outdoor security – Reduce the risk of break-ins and secure your home with a selection of indoor and outdoor security cameras. These cameras offer everything you need to improve your home security by featuring the latest technologies such as night vision, live streams and motion detection.

To find out more about our smart home solutions or to talk through your options, our team would be more than happy to discuss them in more detail. Contact us today to explore our smart home features or book your free, no-obligation quotation.