Not every home is equipped with the luxury of gas central heating. Some homes don’t have a gas supply while others just prefer electric heating systems. There is also the option of installing electric heaters as a top-up system to keep your home extra warm during the coldest weeks of winter. If your electric heaters are in need of an upgrade or you just want a new system to make your home more energy-efficient, we are the experts when it comes to the electric heating installation.

Keeping your house warm during the cold winter months is important and we can help you plan the most cost-effective heating systems for your home. We offer our clients a range of innovative products to solve even the most complex of heating requirements. Our team can review your home and requirements to deliver a completely bespoke solution which is tailored to the uniqueness of your property. The installation project will be expertly managed by a team of qualified electricians and all of our work complies with strict industry standards. We have professional, experienced staff who will coordinate your project from start to finish.

It has never been more important for households to keep a check of heating systems, whether you are heating a flat or a bungalow, large hours or a small studio apartment, electric heating is an excellent way to transform old or outdated systems and bring them up to date with the latest technologies to make homes more efficient and environmentally friendly.

If you would like to discuss the installation of an electric heating system, an upgrade or heating to complement your existing gas central heating, please contact our team today and we will provide all the information you need.