When it comes time to put your property on the market, ensuring it is safe for the new owners is paramount. EICR certificates are used for a multitude of reasons but have certain importance when it comes to selling a property. They provide assurance to new homeowners and can be the tipping point that helps you get buyers quicker. But, do you need one in order to sell your property?

What Is an EICR Certificate?

Also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report, an EICR certificate shows that the electrical works in a property have been checked and reviewed for safety. A periodic inspection, carried out by a professional and competent electrician, will identify any faults, defects or installation issues that could increase the risk of fires or electric shocks. They will carry out both visual inspections and a PAT test to make sure that all components are functioning safely and are compliant with BS7671.

Are They a Legal Requirement?

In order to sell your home, you need to have all relevant documents in order. In relation to electrical works, you will need to have the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate and an EICR or a Minor Installation Works Certificate. If any changes have been made to the electrics in a home after 2005, these must be in compliance with Part P of the Building Regulations. Any hazards or risks flagged during the periodic review should be rectified to ensure the property is fully safe for the next owners to move in.

How Often Should I Have a New EICR?

Periodic inspections and Electrical Installation Condition Reports should be issued every 5 years. This allows the competent electrician you’re working with to identify any potential faults or hazards early on, reducing the cost of repairs and the risk of accidents. If you are considering renting out your property instead of selling, this is now a legal requirement in the UK.

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